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Our bisexual community is growing and we could use your help! With the imminent appearance of BiNetCanada on the national stage, and with the recent successes of NACB 2001 in representing Canadian bisexual community to the rest of the world, the time is ripe for all of us to band together: the time has come to ensure our community continues to grow into the healthy presence you know we all deserve!

What can I do?

Donate Your Pennies Campaign!

Donate Your Pennies Campaign!  In all likelihood you've got quite a few pennies (nickels, dimes?) stuffed away in your closet collecting dust and taking up valuable space. You've intended to roll them up one day and take them to the bank, but that never seems to happen. Why not pull them out of the closet and donate them to your very own bi community? Drop-off points will be established soon. If you wish to write us a cheque instead: please make it payable to "BiNet B.C." and send it to our address above. Thanks so much for your donations!

What do we currently spend money on?

  • Bisexual information line (monthly phone bills)
  • Website hosting (yearly stipend to bi.org)
  • Community newsletter mail-outs (few times a year)
  • Special-events (Conferences, BiCamp, etc)

Where do we want to spend money in the future?

  • Securing a bi-monthly professional meeting space for the Bi Support Group (in Vancouver, perhaps in Victoria sometime in the future)
  • Securing a monthly professional meeting space for organizers (in Vancouver)
  • Honouraria for key organizers and volunteers
  • Stipends for volunteers
  • Creation of a "Bisexual (or Bisexual Supporter) of the Year Award"
  • Developing and maintaining links with our new national organization, BiNetCanada
    • BiNetCanada needs funds to develop its mailing list
Add Your Signature to our Bi Letter Campaign!

Bi Letter Campaign!  Local, provincial and federal governments need to realize that we exist. Educators, community service providers, religious leaders, activists, employers, politicians, parents, and established gay and lesbian community centres need to realize that we exist and that our lives are unique and valuable. Members of the media and funding agencies such as private and corporate foundations need to better understand the true diversity of our community, to realize the extent to which we require stronger and more effective support methods and networks in our commmunity.

One of the first steps in broadening our exposure and increasing the levels of support we receive is to increase our own investments and participation in the community. If bisexual communities are to grow and receive the degree of support and investment they deserve, we must all begin to clearly state our goals, our desires, our needs and wishes to the rest of society.

To help us make this happen, we would like to request your participation in one of two ways:

  • support us in our drive to secure annual funding for bisexual and sexually-diverse communities in this country: put your signature to our Letter of Support!

  • write your own letter of support and email it to us.

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